Trade Facilitation Unit - Infant Cereals and Formulas

Infant Cereals – processed cereal-based foods intended for feeding infants prepared primarily from one or more milled cereals, which should constitute at least 25% of the final mixture on a dry weight basis;

Infant Formulas - a breast milk substitute specially manufactured to satisfy, by itself, the nutritional requirements of infants during the first months of life up to the introduction of appropriate complementary feeding.

Import Conditions:

  1. The processing facility must have a HACCP program in place verified by the competent authority;
  2. The facility must be registered under the competent authority in the country where the infant cereals and formulas were produced;

Labeling Requirements:

  1. The infant cereals and formulas shall meet all labelling and other food safety requirements of the Food Safety and Quality Food Regulations;
  2. Infant cereals and formulas shall meet the labelling requirements in the General Standard for the Labelling of Prepackaged Foods (CODEX STAN 1-1985) and the CARICOM Regional Standard for the Labelling of Prepackaged Foods.

Supporting Documents:

  1. Present an export license to Customs from the country of export prior to placement of an order;
  2. A certificate of origin must be produced;
  3. Processors of infant cereals and formulas must present documents signed by the competent authority to indicate that their facility has been inspected;
  4. A declaration that “the infant cereals and formulas are free from contamination and are safe for human consumption”;
  5. Documentation indicating that the exporter is approved (registered) for international trade to The Bahamas by that country’s competent authority.

Shipping Requirements:

  1. Infant cereals and formulas shall be shipped in packaging to prevent contamination by pests, chemical, physical or microbiological contaminants or other objectionable substances during transport;
  2. Infant cereals and formulas shall be protected to prevent deterioration and spoilage through temperature, humidity and other controls.

Quality Standards:

  1. Infant cereals and formulas shall comply with maximum residue levels for heavy metals, pesticides and veterinary drugs as established by Codex Alimentarius;
  2. Infant cereals and formulas shall be free from residues of hormones, antibiotics and other contaminants;
  3. Infant cereals and formulas shall be prepared and handled in accordance with the General Principle of Hygiene (CAC/RCP 1 1969) and the Code of Hygienic Practice for Foods for Infants and Children (CAC/RCP 21-1979);
  4. Infant cereals and formulas shall comply with any microbiological criteria established in accordance with the Principles for the Establishment and application of microbiological Criteria for Foods (CAC/GL 21-1997).