All animal, plant and food establishments must be registered with BAHFSA in order to obtain a business license. Part of the registration process is an annual inspection. Contact BAHFSA to arrange for your inspection.


In order to access the Bahamian market, commercial agricultural products require permits and certification. BAHFSA is pleased to modernize the Agricultural Health and Food Safety System by developing its state-of-the-art e-permitting services. Currently we are providing the public e-phytosanitary services with e-sanitary services rolling out later on in 2021.

Before importing plants and plant based items, you need to apply for an e-phytosanitary certificate through the BAHFSA e-phyto exchange portal

Look out for our announcements concerning further e-services that allow you to import and export from the comfort of your own home.


BAHFSA has several trainings throughout the year. Take a look at the trainings we have and look out for announcements of new training opportunities.

Trade Facilitation

Need to access foreign markets? BAHFSA facilitates trade by conducting risk assessments, offering access to international import requirements, and negotiating bilaterally on behalf of exporters.


BAHFSA provides diagnostic services that facilitate the assessment of food, animal, and plant safety.