Trade Facilitation Unit - Coconut Water

Coconut Water - undiluted, natural, untreated clear liquid endosperm of the coconut

Import Conditions:

  1. The coconut processing facility must have a HACCP program in place verified by the competent authority;
  2. The processing facility must be registered under the competent authority in the country where the coconut water was harvested;
  3. Coconut water for export to The Bahamas must be treated with cold pressed high pressure processing (HPP)

Labeling Requirements

  1. Coconut water must be the only ingredient on the Nutrition Facts label;
  2. Coconut water treated with HPP must be labelled accordingly;
  3. The packaging must be labelled as HPP safe or documentation provided to assert that the packaging used in the HPP process is safe;
  4. The coconut water meets all labelling and other food safety requirements of the Food Safety and Quality Food Regulations;
  5. Coconut water meets all labelling requirements for the General Standard on the Labelling of Prepackaged Foods (CODEX STAN 1-1985), the CARICOM Regional Standard for the Labelling of Prepackaged Foods and the CARICOM Regional Standard, Specification for packaged natural coconut water CRS 3: 2010.

Supporting Documents

  1. Declaration that the coconut water was harvested, packaged and frozen (at 0-4ºC) within 24 hours;
  2. Provide a declaration that the coconut water is fresh/raw with no preservatives and has not been heat treated;
  3. Provide a declaration that the coconut water has been filtered;
  4. Provide a certificate of analysis that indicates the nutrient quality;
  5. Present an export license to Customs from the country of export prior to placement of an order;
  6. A certificate of origin must be presented;
  7. Documentation indicating that the exporter is approved (registered) for international trade to The Bahamas by that countrys competent authority;
  8. The exporter must present documentation that its facility was inspected by the competent authority;
  9. Present a phytosanitary certificate signed by the competent authority to indicate that the coconut and coconut trees sourced are free from any pests and diseases;
  10. Provide an attestation indicating that this coconut water product is free from contamination and is safe for human consumption.

Shipping Requirements

  1. HPP treated coconut water may be shipped under room temperature conditions;
  2. Packaged coconut water should be stored away from direct light. The temperature should be maintained at a maximum of 4°C/39°F during storage, transport and distribution;

Quality Standards

  1. Color the color of coconut water should be clear to white and should also be free of chunks, pieces of the shell or fibers; there should be no color-stabilizing preservatives (such as sodium metabisulfite) added;
  2. Flavor Coconut water should have a sweet smell and nutty taste; a sign that the flavor is compromised is when the color, smell and appearance changes;
  3. Coconut water shall comply with the General Principles of Food Hygiene (CAC/RCP 1-1969).